Spiritual Nutrition Retreat

Wo!! You’ve come so far and now feeling cleansed, nourished and far more connected. You now understand that good health choices makes for an incredible platform for an even bigger shift…….a spiritual one! You know that this next step is the precursor to you leaving the old you behind and allowing the new you to emerge! 

Here you will experience 6 weeks of high quality care and attention, and be held accountable to excellent nutrition and daily health rituals and weekly practices, all the while integrating the 'self and soul’. Your truest hearts desires and life purpose will emerge through a clarification process, and life will begin to flow in the most organic of ways.

The Spiritual Nutrition Program, not only teaches and embodies health, but also allows YOU to self-actualise and be all that you were designed to be in this lifetime. It is a mix of food education; superfood sav, healing modalities, personal empowerment coaching and passion development. This Spiritual Up-Level will help you be you………finally!