The Alkalife


You’ve gotten into flow with the whole health thing; you’ve upped the anti on plants and falling in love with market shopping and even the occasional superfood. You love the way your new body feels and now thinking, could there be more?

You’ve started on your wellness journey because you decided the way you were living wasn’t going to sustain you forever. You know there is a need to cleanse, nourish and fill the body with living foods, not dead ones. You’ve definitely turned your back on bad habits and asking 'how good could I feel?'  

Those niggling health concerns are fading, however you know if you want to say goodbye to them on a more permanent basis, you will need The Holy Kale.  This 4 week program teaches and guides you through a more regimented meal plan whereby you will cleanse and nourish simultaneously, all the while, experiencing a clear mind and highly energised body. This program is for those of you who are needing a big life shift; have a condition or inflamed body that needs attention; or wanting to truly tap into feeling good in your skin, once and for all! 

You will receive the full food plan including all recipes, lifestyle guide and 90 minute zoom appointment with myself to familiarise and review program together.

Ongoing monthly support can be added on to this product if required.