Love Lab & Co - March 2020

Natalie Baldock in conjunction with the Swan Chamber of Commerce and Green Goodness Co presents Perth's premier women's networking event, Love Lab & Co Feb 2020.

March is International Women's Month and were celebrating in the picturesque gardens of stylish new winery Nikola Estate in the Swan Valley. 

As we sit enjoying beautiful food and wine, we will hear from a set of speakers that will take us on a journey of love and triumph in business and in life.

Rachel Dowdy, expert in sales and marketing both in the real estate industry and now in the social media space developed Australia's largest on-line Wellness platform Green Goodness Co and social media boutique Social Goodness. Her inspirational story of triumph through tribulations is one that many Australian's can relate to yet not often openly talked of. 

Marie Jones was raised in war torn Belfast, Ireland. In the midst of the "struggles" she experienced love and hate and the devastating effect, beliefs and values can have on individuals and societies. Using the strength and determination from her younger years she fought Judo for Ireland and Australia in National Judo championships.

She started her first business at age 21 after working for the world renowned Alexander de Paris in Paris, France she subsequently won numerous industry awards. Owner of the hair salon chain House of Ernest and Co owner of Relationship Warriors she speaks in Perth, Orlando and Los Angeles.

A successful business woman and runner up for Business Woman of the Year, she is passionate about the power women have to change the world and her heartfelt and amazing stories will inspire you and touch your heart.

Natalie Baldock, owner of Love Lab & Co is a business woman with a heartfelt gift. She has grown a large scale health and wellness business that has spanned the past decade. More recently she launched a nationally recognised healthy eating program in conjunction with an international company.  She simply loves humanity and hearing her speak often feels like you're coming home.

You will laugh, cry and feel alive all the while enjoying a long table lunch under the trees.