It’s not always complicated to eat healthy. The majority of the time, it’s about being conscious and making different choices with what you already have. For example, often people run thoughts in their head such as I’m hungry and are drawn to something starchy like biscuits and convenient packaged food. But why are we not eating what is alive and real like what is found in the fruit bowl?

I have a memory of a friend when I was growing up. She used to cut a lettuce in half, sprinkle some sea salt on top, and eat it for a snack. It was so simple. But people make eating well out to be more complex than it really is. They feel that there are too many steps to making something healthy. The time that it takes to prepare a wholefood meal is less than it takes to jump in the car and pick up dinner from a drive-thru. 

Maybe the uprising of the raw-food revolution and various regimented diets of the modern world have played a role in this overcomplication of eating for a healthy life. There are many raw-food cafes everywhere I go (which I think is wonderful for the wholefood movement), with some of the most diverse and amazing dishes I have seen. It’s become a widespread lifestyle choice. Although it is helping with the wholefood message, the nature of eating a raw diet is quite complex and time-consuming. This includes the dehydration of grains, the soaking of nuts and seeds, and the expense of food-preparation tools.

Some raw dishes take many hours in the kitchen to make, which takes away the vital message of preparing and creating food with simplicity. Eating a wholefood literally means eating an entire orange (rather than drinking orange juice), because everything in nature is designed to give us what we need in its complete and not partial form. For example, if you eat a rainbow (a mix of different-coloured vegetables in one meal), the nutrients from the different vegetables synergise with each other. It becomes nature’s multivitamin. 

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