First things first - I’d like to say congratulations on investing in you, to educate and empower yourself to transform your own life. 

I’ve had a vision for many years to teach real food and primary food education to create a better world for our children, and the many generations to come. As a mother, real food advocate, Institute of Integration Nutrition wellness coach, and Australian speaker, I am on a heartfelt journey connecting people through simple and timeless principles for fulfilment and everlasting joy. 

Personally, my journey from the potentially life-threatening fungal infection Candida, to a lifestyle deep wellness had me realise that living a life of joy is a conscious choice. 

Every morning when I wake up, the first thing I do is walk outside. I love fresh air, I love the sun on my face, the breeze on my skin, and the sound of the birds. My soul craves the simple connection to nature, and it’s the first step to balancing my energy for the day. This is my time for breath. Without honouring who I am, and what I need to have balance, I cannot be of service to others. Through honouring my morning ritual, I can then give my full self to my family, friends, and community. 

Having been on the path of wellness for over 13 years, my heartfelt intention is that you have access to the gems that I have uncovered along the way, so you can:

  • Feel how great and energised your body is designed to be.
  • Experience more connection with your own version of a purposeful life.
  • Deepen the quality of your relationship with self and the wider community.
  • Decrease your stress levels by vastly simplifying your path to wellness.

These words from my book are not here to sell any one diet or regiment. This is a story of what worked for me and has given me the wings to fly in a confusing and conflicting world. I have an innate knowing that I am here to help you find your own inner wellness guru. I’m here to give you the resources and tools so you can piece together what works best for your life. 

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