I imagine a world where it is safe for everyone to eat what grows in nature, without having to play Russian roulette with human life every time we buy something from a convenience store or supermarket. I wish for everyone to live in a way that is safe and free from the dangers that are disguised as solutions. I want you to be able to live as a full expression of yourself, without feeling trapped in an environment because it is considered “normal.” 

What’s so convenient about the food in a convenience store anyway? There is certainly nothing super about supermarkets when it comes to health and healing. Perhaps we need to spend less time in places with four walls, and more energy in our own home-grown gardens, weekend farmers markets, the countryside, the beach, picnics, nature walks, and places with no walls. 

It is time to simplify our lives in a busy and stressful world. We all have a purpose, passions, a drive, a reason for living – and in a fast paced world, we easily forget our centre. Let me help you to uncover or rediscover who you are truly designed to be, starting with what you eat.

Natalie Baldock, an excerpt from In God’s Garden

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