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I believe in the power of plant-based food; that Mother Nature nurtures; that you gotta be being real when talking wellness, no one is perfect!  I believe that food should be grown safely for the generations to come; that plants speak intelligently to the intelligence of our cells; and that we can’t get in touch with our hearts desires or true soul purpose without cleansing and curating our body.

I’m a little woo-woo; definitely a whole lot of mermaid; and a Mumma with drive. I love early mornings; working with women around the world to help them crack the code of connection to self; and a self confessed lover of LOVE itself!

I know you’re at that point where change is imminent and thats why you’re here, so that makes us soul sisters already!! BUT where you at?


How to Plate Up

The Alkalife

How to Plate Up

So you’re NEW to the whole food thing! All your friends are banging on about Kombucha, Kale and Quinoa. You’ve secretly tried to make a good green smoothie but it tasted like ass! You want to get healthy; have that whole food glow; and get your energy back however have no clue where to start!

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The Alkalife

Congratulations! You’ve gotten into flow with the whole health thing; you’ve upped the anti on plants and falling in love with market shopping and even the occasional superfood. You love the way your new body feels and now thinking, could there be more?

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'To know oneself is to live truly inspired' - Natalie Baldock

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If you’re needing more personal care, I’m here to help. I’ve been completely in love with helping and healing humanity for over ten years. I work one-on-one so we can become clear on what you need to shift into a new paradigm for your health and happiness.

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